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We have now released our Pulp Fiction t-shirt, which is just a fantastic, cool abstract rendition of Quentin's cult classic.

Joules with a big gun, blowing the hell out of a baby tomato, inspired by Mia's Fox Force Five joke.

We call it "Vincent's Nightmare".

Don't be a square!

Some new Cool Shirts Coming Soon!

Yes, we've been very quiet for some time now but refocused on really getting some cool new designs underway.

In fact, we have 4 new shirts coming out in the next few weeks which you will be sure to want to get your hands on.

We've also had to switch printers because our old one turned out to be a little too unreliable (though their print quality was great) so the painstaking process of findi
ng a superior solution, difficult as it has been, has been completed.

That being said, look forward to some stuff on more fantastic movies, such as Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, and an ultimate difinitive 2001 a Space Odyssey shirt to go hand in hand with our HAL one, thought different entirely in concept theme and design.

Did I mention a Shawshank Redemption shirt? No, I didn't. Of course I know that, because I am not talking but typing and a record of everything I have written is right here. So could just check instead of facetiously asking you, the reader.

But it adds effect.

condense <<

Customer Reviews

As some of you may know, most of our US orders and shipments are managed by Amazon.com. We've encouraged them to expand their services to an international level but in the few years we've been with them it seems that may be an indefinite hope.

Well, we've now set-up a permanent international solution for our distribution and are going to be adding new shirts, as well as vintage ones, to our int
ernational inventory.

Along with this change, we thought it would be great to let our visitors check out our product/store reviews in Amazon as it provides a neutral third party perspective into both the quality of the stuff we sell and our approach to customer service. You can find the link at the bottom of our pages as well as right here:

Ice Cold T-Shirts Reviews

Our blog is very new, but we'll be adding more stuff soon enough.

condense <<

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