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Conscience is Dead (Scent of a Woman T-Shirt)

Conscience is Dead (Scent of a Woman T-Shirt)

Conscience is Dead (Scent of a Woman T-Shirt)
It's f*ck your buddy. Cheat on your wife. Call your mother on mother's day. It's all shit. An excerpt from "Scent of a Woman" as delivered by the immaculate Al Pacino.

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Temporary People by D.M.

  Usually, you don't know you're even heading that way because everything has become relative. What was horrible yesterday is normal tomorrow... and today you make the change. It continues like that for a while. You never know it's happening.

You may know at the start... when you decided to face some terrible truth in your life. But soon after that decision begins to unfold you forget... because like many other moments of thought that was just a passing one. But you did act on it as compared to the many other thoughts that were just fleeting.

You can sub-consciously feel some sort of suffocation, but it's not relevent enough to facilitate any change. Even if you tried to figure out what it was, you wouldn't be able to.

Then, almost suddenly, your senses will pick up on something. It could be a picture, a song, a movie, a word or concept that someone said that you just happened to hear. Your eyebrows tense and you look confused for a moment.

Is life really like that?

At that moment you think about the surreal past when you didn't think life was like that. And it leads to that moment when you decided to face the reality.

Your stomach begins to ache slightly. You feel tears wanting to begin splurting out. You're hurt. But it was so obvious now that you know.

You always begin life as a long term civilian. But as you clash with short term people you get unnerved. You start to believe that perhaps the short term people are happier. Perhaps they know more than you do. They are always smiling and laughing and having a good time.

But you steady on your way and believe that you reap what you sow. You will work hard and be loyal and truthful and extend your aid to those that need it to spiritually and emotionally help others and purify yourself with holy cleanliness. You believe that this will lead you to a happier life with healthy children and loyalty surrounding you.

You begin to jog with your allies. You are connected to them and they to you because you are the chosen people who will defy the odds. You are the ones that will walk the path and come out clean on the other end. It's hard, but when you suffer they remind you of the bright light, and you do the same.

Then, one of the members of your small devoted dedicated community gets led astray. And you look at him or her with love and pain in your heart. You want to help them, to bring them with you, to remind them of the beauty of righteousness. But something prevents them from holding on. They've decided to fall into the current. Soon, they begin to despise you.

Perhaps it was the chain that they were connected to that dragged them down, because one by one your allies begin to turn. The raging heat of the uphill climb proves too difficult and perhaps they will continue another day... but not this day.

After the last ally left and you begin to wade alone, it's far more difficult. The last ally is always the worst because they are the ones you got closest to. You kept them alive and they kept you alive. You two survived everyone else but now they've gone. Not as if they were too weak... but as if the dream they followed was yours not theirs.

And now you find yourself with your eyes squinting confused. How could you have thought any different? Your idealism couldn't exist in them because they were different people, and life became too difficult. It's painful it is.

Righteousness... the path to light. You never squeeze the weak. You never hurt the innocent. You are truthful to those that are truthful to you. You do not respect disshonest people. You follow your heart. You reject insecurities. You choose strength over weakness. You don't use external devices to achieve a mentality of success. You desire freedom but not more than self-respect. You will never break the heart of someone who has given it to you.

It's so beautiful to be one of the light. But it's so difficult in a world of short term people. There is no accountability in the short term. Especially not to oneself. It sounds so tempting.

But there is meaning in hitting bottom. It is a sign... a symbol. The same symbol pain has always been. And today it means that you will continue on your slow and steady path, even if you do so void of support. Because you are a child of the light. Now cry, and miss those that have fallen. But you are not one of them. You are unique.

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