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Heretic Non-Conformist T-Shirt

Heretic Non-Conformist T-Shirt

Heretic Non-Conformist T-Shirt
He who does not prefer exile to slavery is not free by any measure of freedom, truth and duty.

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Oxford English Dictionary : Heresy

  "Theological or religious opinion or doctrine maintained in opposition, or held to be contrary, to the catholic or Orthodox doctrine of the Christian Church, or, by extension, to that of any church, creed, or religious system, considered as orthodox. By extension, heresy is an opinion or doctrine in philosophy, politics, science, art, etc., at variance with those generally accepted as authoritative."

Of the Inquisition

  "Fundamentalist ignorance and superstition reached a peak in the 1600's, instigated by the church, who taught that the Devil was everywhere, and that any undesireable manifestation could be and probably was the result of witchcraft and devils. Hail, wind, lice, sour milk, or a difficult mule could all be blamed on the woman next door. Expressing doubt about the existence of witches was tantamount 
to being a witch, and anyone voicing opposing opinions was suspect, to be watched, and targeted."

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