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Om (Aum) Shirt for Men and Women

Om (Aum) Shirt for Men and Women

Om (Aum) Shirt for Men and Women Om (Aum) Shirt for Men and Women
Hindu/Buddhist t-shirt depicting the supreme and most sacred Hindu syllable, believed to be the spoken essence of the universe. Saying 'AUM' is meant to be therapeutic and is used around the world in meditation techniques.

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Synonyms of 'Om' by D.M.

  Such an abrupt word that can be elongated or shortened to the heart's desire. It forces the mouth open and circular, then closed and flat. Everything in between is everything you could ever say or do.

It is targeted.

Om, said to be the spoken essence of the universe encapsulates the identical essence of passion. When one is passionate, they may do many things to attempt to express it, but there is always just one targeted action, or verse, that is the perfect expression of that passion.

When we say Om, we must understand that we are not saying 'O' and 'M', we are saying 'O', 'M', and every single other word and syllable that exists in the world in between. But they are irrelevant. So it is the transition between the 'O' and the 'M' that truly contains the energy of the word, yet the word would not exist without a beginning and end.

We must say Om as if a lifetime progresses between the first and second letter. All our air must exhale as our bodies collapse unto the 'M'. It is the opening and ending of creation, and the middle is the entertainment. To say Om in a quick fashion would be as satisfying as being born and dying only moments afterwards. It is the expression of all the confusion that is life and thought and emotion, and allowing us to target all these confusions into one little space... the space between the 'O' and the 'M'.

As passionate people, we must focus and spend time perfecting the transition, yet we must also be aware that the beginning must contain all the energy of the universe, and at the end, nothing should be left potential anymore.

Like the word Om, as we practice to take in all the air we can and exhale it all just in time to reach the 'M' out of breath, we must do the same with our passions, our energies.

We must know the path of the action, we must put our hearts and souls into it at the start, and although we will be frightened and scared and make mistakes in the interim, we must know that the goal is to reach the end. The end that was there even before we began. Life is about mastering this practice. Focusing, harnessing our passionate energies into the transitions that encompass our lives, and being better at it the next time around. Not only better, but better at taking in deeper breaths, and better at holding those breaths for longer time.

It is the science of the efficient use of desire, of the focusing of the goals of desire, and finally accomplishing those goals as heartily as possible, with all our might.

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